Speedco Velox Evo Carbon bmx race Frame gold 2024

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The Fastest just got faster.

Introducing the all-new Velox Evo, a culmination of relentless innovation and our commitment to pushing the limits. It’s no secret the game is changing, evolving if you will. Lap times continue to get faster year after year, and cycling federations are constantly pushing the boundaries in pursuit of that extra 1%, scrutinizing every aspect of their equipment right down to the aerodynamic fibers in their jerseys. We've embraced the ever-evolving landscape of high performance, dissected the demands of riders at the elite level, and reimagined our winning technology to bring you a masterpiece of performance. Our function-first design philosophy ensures that whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Velox Evo is your ultimate partner on the road to success.