Inspyre S2G Kit disc adapter

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The S2G "Stay 2gether" Inspyre kit has been designed to make your life easier when you remove your rear wheel. Indeed this kit has a system of hanging via 2 screws allowing the plates and the disc mount to stay together. Theses plates stay together on the rear dropout which facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the rear wheel.

The kit includes :

  • - 2 Internal plates (3/8 Bolts)
  • - 2 External plates (3/8 Bolts)
  • - 1 Pride Racing disc mount for 140mm rotor (3/8 bolts)
  • - 2 Stainless steel M4

The Pride Racing disc mount is only compatible with 140mm diameter rotors. This disc mount accepts most of the disc hubs on the market, even the ONYX ULTRA SS.

Compatible with the following frames (non exhaustive list) :

  • - Inspyre Concorde V2
  • - Inspyre Concorde
  • - Inspyre EVO from 2019
  • - Stay Strong For Life V2 (Pro size)
  • - Royalty Holeshot
  • - Thrill
  • - Ssquared Vice Pres
  • - DK Professional V2
  • - Haro Blackout
  • - SE PK Ripper (2017>)

ATTENTION - Disk mount is compatible with frames with an open dropout BUT we decline any responsibility in case of twisting of the rear leg during use. We guarantee this assembly only with Inspyre frames.